Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meeting with Neuro

Today we finally met with Isabel's neurologist and the news is pretty good! He is classifying this as childhood epilepsy but he is not yet ruling out that it may be genetic. Both of EEG's (the one from the day after the onset of the seizures and the one from this past Wednesday) were identical and almost perfect. The doctor said that it is very rare to see a near perfect EEG the day after that person had eight seizures, so Isabel is a mystery. He also stated that the onset of the seizures (ie 8 of them in one day) is very strange so he may be leaning SLIGHTLY towards it being genetic. But genetic testing for epilepsy is so new and even if it came back as being genetic it wouldn't change his course of treatment. But, it would mean that she would more than likely never grow out of it.
As far as the pineal cyst on her brain goes...right now it is measuring 7mm. We are going to keep a close eye on it and do another MRI at the end of the year. We are going to watch it's growth and see if it's causing Isabel any ill effects like balance issues and headaches. If it is, they will have to remove it but this is very unlikely.
She will remain on the anti-seizure medicine until further notice and thankfully we think we finally got the dosage adjusted correctly. We have gone up 1.0mL since we left the hospital which doesn't seem like a lot but when your trying to squirt medicine in a toddlers mouth twice a day, 1.0mL seems like an enormous amount! They will up the dosage again if she has another seizure or when her weight hits 28lbs. We also learned that we don't need to take her to the hospital unless her seizure lasts more than five minutes or if she has more than one in a row, like she did when she was first diagnosed. We do need to give a rescue breathe if she does not breathe on her own for three minutes or more. I hope this doesn't happen but I do feel much more at ease after just completing CPR class.
I hate that all of this is happening to my baby girl but I am happy because it could be so much worse. I just want to thank everyone who has kept Isabel in their thoughts and prayers the past few weeks, we certainly appreciate it.

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