Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Admitted Again

April 2011
We have been busy lately with visitors and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We were all starting to relax a little until last Wednesday. Isabel had four seizures, but they weren't nearly as bad as they were before. She had a low grade fever so the seizures were considered "break though seizures". She would stop what she was doing, stare off and then put both of her hands over her head and hold them there. Her pulse ox was low but she didn't turn blue or have any interruption in her breathing. The on-call doctor raised her medicine dose yet again (she is now on more than she should be for her weight). I called her doctor the next day and thankfully he wanted to see her as soon as he could. Along with the four recent seizures she has been having some balance problems so he wanted to access her. He had already ordered a four hour video recorded EEG which was scheduled for May 10th but he called the hospital and got her in as we were sitting in the room with him. He said that he wanted more data, he needed at least one seizure to be recorded. So we headed over to the Children's Hospital and she got hooked up the EEG. They had to confine her and she cried herself to sleep...
We stayed in a small room complete with toys, a bed, TV, comfy chairs etc etc for four plus hours and no seizure. The doctor decided to admit Isabel to the hospital. We were admitted to  the critical care floor again mainly because they are the only unit that can monitor children with seizures (obviously Isabel was not in critical condition).
We were brought up to her room around 3pm and I was told that she would have to stay in her crib the entire time we were there due to her being video recorded. As soon as we got to the room Isabel had a FIT...I think she remembered her previous stay. Thankfully she was so tired that she quickly fell asleep and we were able to hook up all of the machines.

Daddy and Caden came for a visit which brightened her mood quite a bit. She had to wear the EEG machine in a kitty back pack when she was awake and she was not too fond of it by the end of the night. That poor cat was hit, punched and kicked more times than I can count! It was extremely hard keeping her confined to the crib, those of you who know Isabel...she is a busy little girl! So I spent most of the night (while awake and asleep, in the crib with her).

The following day, the doctor paid us a visit and of course we didn't have any seizures recorded. He wanted to keep us for the entire weekend but since it was Easter, he released her. We are meeting with him this week to discuss changing her medicine. If that doesn't work she may be admitted again for another recorded EEG study with out medicine. Honestly I don't know why they didn't just take her off her medicine this time...
They came to remove the electrodes from her head which were glued on with some gritty substance (which is still not out of her hair 5days later :( ) and she looked a little something like this...
I wish there was an easy fix for this. I know it isn't life threatening but it's hard having to watch your child endure all of this.

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