Friday, March 2, 2012

Surgery and PT

Thankfully Isabel's surgery went off with out any problems. They scheduled it for 1:00 in the afternoon so getting her to abstain from food and drink was definetly the hardest part. About an hour before the surgery the anesthesiologist brings in a picture of all of the different flavors of anesthesia that they have. Of course they are pictures of FOOD! Isabel starts freaking out screaming, "Nana, Nana!!". So needless to say, we chose the banana flavored anesthesia. She gladly went with the nurse back to the operating room (I think she was getting a bit sick of me by this point) waving goodbye with a huge smile on her little face.
The surgery took about 45 minutes. The dcotor came into the waiting room with pictures of Isabels intestines, esophagus and stomach which were pretty neat. She said that Isabel did clot but that she bled for longer than expected. Her esophagus is also very red and inflammed so she is putting her on Prevacid for awhile to help with that. They took 9 biopsies and some blood to send away for testing.
About a week later we got a call saying that the biopsies were negative for celiac but to wait for the blood results for a definite answer. This past week we got the call stating that one test came back negative but the genetic test came back positive. This means that she does not have celiac right now but she has the potential to get it in the future.
So, we are back at square one with the diarreah. We are trying a new probiotic for 2 weeks and if that doesn't work we are going to put her on Flagel which is an antibiotic that kills bacteria and parasites. Dr. Y thinks that maybe they missed something on the stool culteres since they have to be so fresh. I think she may be digging for an answer but at this point, Ill try anything!
Isabel has also starting potty training this week and is doing pretty good! She is having a hard time dealing with the diarreah so I'm hoping that once we can finally get that under control it will make it a lot easier on her.
Overall things are going great right now! I don't want to jinx myself but it's been almost 3 months since her last seizure! Her neurologist is even starting to wean her off some of her meds! She has gone this long before so, we'll see what suprises she has in store for us this month!

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