Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We finally met with GI after almost 4 months of diarrhea. Brian and I both love Dr. Y. Even though Isabel was quite a handful, she sat down and went over Izzy's lab results thoroughly with us and listed each of our options. It turns out that Isabel did test positive for the T-transglutaminase IGA form of celiac disease. But the doctor is not going to base the diagnosis on one blood test alone since this diagnosis is life-changing. Iz will be scoped next week at the Childrens Hospital to obtain biopsies of her small intestines. These biopsies will be tested for celiac as well as many other autoimmune deficiancies. While she is under they will also draw blood for more gentic testing to see if she has "latent" celiac. Since they can't sample every piece of her intestines the bloodwork will help show if she has celiac and is just not showing all of the symptoms yet.
Although I've been through the anethesia route many times with Caden, it's harder to think of my baby girl going under although I'm sure she will be just fine. Please send some good thoughts our way!

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